Ar + H2 2,4 % ±0,5 %
ARCAL™ R1-2, productivity and quality in stainless steel TIG welding
TIG and Plasma welding of austenitic stainless steels TIG brasing of galvanised steels TIG orbital welding of austenitic stainless steels

arcal r1-2 cylinder exeltop 33l 200 bar | REF. i2512l33e2a001

Ar + H2 2,4 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 200 bar | 33L EXELTOP | 7 m³

More about ARCAL™ R1-2

Simplicity - an easy-to-use gas specifically adapted to stainless steel

• TIG welding gas for austenitic stainless steels

•Simple and efficient, ARCAL™ R1-2 reduces your welding time compared to pure Argon

• The controlled hydrogen content of this TIG shielding gas stabilizes the electric arc and facilitates manual adjustments

Performance - Welding quality

• ARCAL™ R1-2 allows you to obtain a nice compact weld bead with very low oxidation

• Austenitic stainless steel is not sensitive to cold cracking (which occurs in the presence of water on other stainless steel qualities which can be weakened by hydrogen)

• The 2.4% hydrogen content of ARCAL™ R1-2 therefore makes it an ideal TIG or plasma welding gas for increasing welding speed without affecting the properties of austenitic stainless steel.

• The reducing effect of hydrogen gives a shiny appearance to your weld bead and thus limits the required passivation time

Ease of use

• ARCAL™ R1-2 is the reference shielding gas for high quality TIG welding  on thin thicknesses of austenitic stainless steels

• Thanks to the presence of hydrogen, ARCAL™ R1-2 increases welding penetration and speed, saving time for all your welding or passivation operations.

• It is the optimal shielding gas for welding thin thicknesses of austenitic stainless steel with a TIG machine, in all positions, whether in manual, automated or robotic welding.

• Electrical parameters are easy to adjust in manual mode thanks to the combined effects of hydrogen: stabilization and high temperature of the arc, plus the reducing nature of the gas which prevents oxidation of the bead

• Cylinders at the TOP : ARCAL™ R1-2 is fitted as standard with SMARTOP™ for easy use. Optional: EXELTOP™ head with integrated regulator valve.

• Packaging of all sizes, from cylinders to bundles, adapted to your needs

Reliability - A quality product

• A perfectly controlled composition at 2.4% hydrogen H2 in Argon, specially designed for thin stainless steels and for the comfort of use of the welder by reducing emissions of harmful elements (NOx, ozone)

• The precise hydrogen content of ARCAL™ R1-2 is optimized to increase the temperature of the arc and stabilize it and generates a nice-looking and shiny bead without blisters
• Complies with ISO 14175-R1-ArH-2,4