Ar + O2 1 % ±0,3 % + CO2 3 % ±0,5 %
ARCAL™ M14, the gas solution for carbon steel thin sheets MAG welding
ARCAL™ M14 is the welding gas for MAG welding specifically designed to limit the oxidation of your carbon steel parts. Are you working on thin sheets made of carbon steel or coated steel? Are you looking for a quality visual rendering, free from traces of oxidation or silicates, with a beautiful bead and radio quality weld? ARCAL™ M14 has been designed to meet these needs, in particular for automotive or all rolling machinery workshops. ARCAL™ M14 is thus a mixture of three gases, Argon, CO2 and O2, with a composition optimized to be as efficient as possible in MAG welding of carbon steels or coated steels. With 3% CO2 and 1% O2 in Argon, ARCAL™ M14 facilitates your adjustments on the welding station, it strongly stabilizes the electric arc and is very easy to use. In addition, the strictly controlled CO2 and O2 contents make it possible to benefit from the advantages of both gases while avoiding their disadvantages! The weld beads made with ARCAL™ M14 thus have a good appearance with excellent wetting, while spattering and oxidation are greatly reduced. ARCAL™ M14 thus have a good appearance with excellent wetting, while spattering and oxidation are greatly reduced. Do you want to buy a MAG welding gas cylinder while working on carbon steel thin sheets? Are you looking for an efficient gas, flexible in its use but with no compromise on the weld quality and oxidation level of acceptance ? Request your quote now for the ARCAL™ M14 supply mode that fits you.

arcal m14 cylinder exeltop 33l 300 bar | REF. i2541l33e3a001

Ar + O2 1 % ±0,3 % + CO2 3 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 300 bar | 33L EXELTOP | 10,20 m³

More about ARCAL™ M14

Simplicity - an easy-to-use gas suitable for all your processes 

• MAG Welding Gas for Carbon Steels

• Simple and efficient, ARCAL™ M14 facilitates electrical adjustments on your welding machine

• Excellent stability of metal transfer, greatly reducing the spatter emissions, therefore less completion work

Performance - Welding quality

• ARCAL™ M14 offers excellent wetting and allows you to obtain a well-crafted weld bead with low silicates level

• Particularly polyvalent, ARCAL™ M14 is an excellent welding gas in pulsed regime but also with a wide operating range in arc spray.

• A clever mix of high welding speeds, reduced smoke and spatter emission rates and low oxidizing power

• Whether manual or automatic welding, you will obtain radio quality welds with this gas mixture

Reliability - A quality product

• A ternary mixture, with a precise composition of 3% CO2 and 1% O2 in Argon, to get the best of the 3 gases: productivity, wetting and stability of the electric arc, while controlling the rate of oxidation, projections and fumes

• Complies with ISO 14175-M14-ArCO-3/1

• Very low level of H2O and N2 impurities

Ease of use

• ARCAL™ M14 is the best MAG welding gas when the control of oxidation is essential, for carbon steels and coated steels (galvanized, electro-galvanized)

• Excellent in pulsed mode, ARCAL™ M14 will show you all its possibilities in automatic or manual mode with simple settings

• It is the most efficient MAG welding gas for thin sheets up to 5mm

• Cylinders at the Top: ARCAL™ M14 is fitted as standard with SMARTOP™ for easy use. Optional: EXELTOP™ head with integrated regulator valve

• Packaging of all sizes are avalaible, from cylinders to bundles, adapted to your needs

Opt for the integrated regulator: simple, safe and fast operation