N2 + O2 20 % ± 1 % (abs.)
ALPHAGAZ™, the simple solution to enhance your analytical performance
ALPHAGAZ™ 1, the commitment to quality for % to ppm analysis
Flame gas (AAS, CLD, FID, THC…) Instrumentation gas (LCMS, NMR, TGA, TOC…) Purge gas (UV, FTIR…) Zero gas (GC-FID, FTIR…)

alphagaz 1 air bundle v12*50l 200 bar | REF. p0291v12r2a001

N2 + O2 20 % ± 1 % (abs.)
Bundle | 200 bar | V12*50L | 120 m³

alphagaz 1 air cylinder smartop 10l 2... | REF. p0291s10s2a001

N2 + O2 20 % ± 1 % (abs.)
Cylinder | 200 bar | 10L SMARTOP | 2 m³

alphagaz 1 air cylinder smartop 50l 2... | REF. p0291l50s2a001

N2 + O2 20 % ± 1 % (abs.)
Cylinder | 200 bar | 50L SMARTOP | 10 m³

More about ALPHAGAZ™ 1 AIR

Application areas of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 AIR

In routine analysis, synthetic air from the ALPHAGAZ™ 1 portfolio is frequently used as a fuel gas in flame ionisation detection (FID) and atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). It is also used as an operating gas for chemiluminescence detectors, NMR spectroscopy and in TOC analysis. In UV and FTIR spectroscopy ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Air is used as purge and zero gas. 

In the semiconductor industry, synthetic air is used in many ways for inerting, purging, hardening and sputtering (gas discharge during metallization).

In addition, it is used in melting metallurgy for inerting and purging.

What are my advantages of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 AIR ?

Consistent, reliable service:  

  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Air is in stock and therefore always in the right place at the right time

  • Our Expertise Centre supports you - from the offer to the delivery.

Simpler choice:

  • Laboratory gas for standard analysis in the % to ppm range

  • Cylinders in demand-oriented sizes (S10, L50, V12) in two pressure levels 

  • Special colour-coded cylinders in separate cylinder park

  • Suitable high purity gas fittings available

Quality you can depend on:

  • Low content of secondary components critical for routine analysis

  • Certificate of conformity (product label) documents the quality 

  • Batch number ensures traceability

  • Special bottle pretreatment ensures product purity and long-term stability

Properties and features of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 AIR

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Air is conceived for routine analysis in the laboratory. The high purity level and the low level of impurities are the main component in the ALPHAGAZ™ concept. 

It is recommended for performing analyses in the range from % to ppm and is supplied with a product label (certificate of conformity).

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Air has a shelf life of 5 years. A reliable quality is ensured at any time by the ISO 9001 certification of our laboratories.

When is ALPHAGAZ™ 1 AIR the right product for me ?

Synthetic ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Air  is part of the ALPHAGAZ™ 1 family. The concept of the ALPHAGAZ™ 1 product range includes high purity gases with the details of relevant impurities such as moisture, and hydrocarbons. As the requirements of most analytical instrument manufacturers are exceeded by our ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Air, it is ideal for use as a standard gas in laboratory analysis. Optimal results are achieved in an analysis range from % to ppm. 

Delivery forms for ALPHAGAZ™ 1 AIR

Air Liquide supplies the high purity gas throughout the BeNeLux in gas cylinders of various sizes (10l, 50l) as well as in bundles.

ALPHAGAZ™ products in cylinders can be sourced worldwide.