REF. I4670M20R1A001

N2 + CO2 50 % ±5 %

Gas cylinder type: Cylinder
Water volume: 20L
Pressure: 100 bar
Contents : 2,60 m³

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Buy food grade N2 & CO2 gas mixture to preserve wetty food products (prepared meals,...) longer.

Aligal™ 15 - Air Liquide’s 50% Nitrogen & 50% Carbon dioxide gas mixture solution used for food packaging

50% Carbon dioxide

  • E290 - Carbon dioxide - CO2

  • Carbon dioxide is the most important gas in MAP

  • Bacteriostatic and fungistatic from a certain level

  • Very soluble in water and fats

  • Effective at levels greater than 20% in the atmosphere

  • Slows down the growth and multiplication rate of aerobic bacteria and fungi

  • Provides a pseudo vacuum effect to add tension to the foil.

50% Nitrogen

  • E941 - Nitrogen - N2

  • Inert and odorless

  • Little soluble in water and fats

  • No direct bacteriological and fungistatic effects

  • Prevents the oxidation phenomenon of pigments, aromas and fats

  • Limits the development of aerobic bacteria

  • Protects the products against being crushed

ALIGAL™ 15 Nitrogen and CO2 gas mixtures comply with food safety regulations

  • European regulations on food additives

  • Compliance with the HACCP system

  • Guarantee of traceability. In accordance with European directives, Air Liquide has defined its commercial specifications of the feed gases above the required criteria. In order to meet the specific requirements of our customers, ALIGAL™ 15 gases are produced, supplied and applied according to the international standards recognized in the food industry such as the ISO 22000 and the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification)

Which foods can be packaged using ALIGAL™ 15?

A 50% Nitrogen / 50% CO2 gas mixture brings a longer shelf life on damp/wet food products in modified gas packaging (MAP): 

For example: Sandwiches, organic bread, pancakes, muffins, pizza dough, tortillas, pastries, prepared meals, goat cheese, eggs, prepared fish, fish eggs, cooked shrimps, fresh white meat, sausages, french fries

What are the benefits of CO2 & N2 gas mixtures on food products?

  • Extension of the shelf life of the products by 2 to 5 times compared to the normal atmosphere packaging. It gives producers the opportunity to step into new markets, both national and international, thanks to this longer shelf life.

  • Perfect visibility of the product.

  • Attractiveness of the packaging.

  • Preservation of the color, shape and texture of the product.

  • Protection against the risks of crushing the product and limiting the risks of contact with the packaging caused by vacuuming.

  • Hygiene of the food is assured.

  • It limits the use of additives and preservatives, and makes it possible to offer naturally fresh products in order to meet the wishes of the consumer.

In which volume can I buy ALIGAL™ 15 gas mixtures for foods?

Buy 50/50 Nitrogen-CO2 gas mixture in the quantity that you need : from single small gas bottles, to bundles (package of 9 to 16 cylinders) up to a separated liquid storage tank with a gas mixer, delivering the right flow to your packaging machine.

Why choose ALIGAL™ 15 gas mixture composed of 50% N2 & 50% CO2?

Food manufacturers have known and feared one of their biggest “enemies” for years: Air contains oxygen and promotes the development of bacteria and microbes and causes various damage to the foods: change of color, texture, taste, and has an impact on the shelf life. To avoid these effects, Air Liquide offers a solution: the packaging in a protective atmosphere (also called "gas packaging" or MAP). The solution is to replace the air in the packaging with an alternative gas composition, which can extend the organoleptic properties, nutritional value and shelf life of the product.

Is ALIGAL™ 15 gas mixture the right solution for my food packaging process ? 

Contact our experts who are able to analyze and advise on the modified atmosphere around your product for free.


100 bar

Gas cylinder size



2,60 m³

Molecule Weight


Gaseous relative density

Heavier than air

Soupap Connexion

Cylinder: B4 - IS 21.7 x 1.814 right-hand male
Bundle: WW 1’1/8 right-hand male

Components (% Vol. abs)

N2 + CO2 50 % ±5 %

Impurities (ppm v/v)

H2O (5 bar) ≤ 50 ppm v/v
O2 ≤ 20 ppm v/v
CO ≤ 10 ppm v/v
NO/NOx ≤ 10 ppm v/v (*)
CnHm ≤ 30 ppm v/v
Total sulphur (S) ≤ 0.5 ppm v/v (*)
Oil ≤ 5 ppm w/w (*)

Additional information

Specifications pure gases in accordance with Regulation (EU) 231/2012

Product compliant with:
- E290 specifications(carbon dioxide)
- E941 specifications (nitrogen)
- Food safety compliance: Food safety management system FSMS including HACCP methodology, ISO22000, FSSC 22000 and traceability through batch lot number,
- Food gases cannot be considered free of particles. Despite preventive measures taken to limit the contamination level (selection of materials, filtration, purging procedures etc.) a continuous warranty of particles level cannot be ensured. Based on intended use, the end user is responsible to conduct a risk assessment of their complete system (gas distribution piping network included). Where there is a requirement for the particle contamination of the gas to be controlled, appropriate filters can be installed at the point of use.
- Cylinder compliant with : FDA and EC 1935:2004
Liquid CO2 product used for cylinders and bundles filling is compliant with ISBT* specifications.
(*) ISBT = International Society of Beverage Technologists

Minimum shelf life as stated on the batch label: 60 months





  • safety

  • Recommandations: Ensure adequate ventilation.

  • Hazards identification: Contains gas under pressure; may explode under the effect of heat. Asphyxiant in high concentrations.

  • transportation

  • Shipping type: Compressed gases

  • Proper shipping name: Compressed gas, N.O.S.

  • UN Number: 1956

  • ADR Class: 2

  • Classification code: 1A

  • ADR pictogram:


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Buy food grade N2 & CO2 gas mixture to preserve wetty food products (prepared meals,...) longer.