C2H2 ≥ 99,5 %
Air Liquide produces and delivers acetylene throughout Europe in total safety in a mode of supply to suit our customer’s needs: cylinder or bundle
Welding and Brazing Cutting Flame Spraying Glass industry: automatic lubrification for glass bottle production moulding

acetylene cylinder altop 5,5kg | REF. i1901l40a0a001

C2H2 ≥ 99,5 %
Cylinder | 15 bar | 40L ALTOP | 5,5 kg

acetylene cylinder altop 7kg | REF. i1901l50v0a001

C2H2 ≥ 99,5 %
Cylinder | 15 bar | 50L ALTOP | 7 kg

acetylene cylinder altop 8,75kg | REF. i1901l52a0a001

C2H2 ≥ 99,5 %
Cylinder | 15 bar | 52L ALTOP | 8,75 kg

More about ACETYLENE

General Informations about Acetylen (C₂H₂)

Acetylen (chemical formula C₂H₂) is a synthesis gas. 

This hydrocarbon is either produced from the reaction between calcium carbide and water, either of chemical origin.

Colorless, it is odorless if pure but otherwise has a strong garlic odor (due to the phosphine in calcium carbide).

Acetylene is an unstable gas, highly combustible and needs to be stabilized.

Applications :

Here are some of its applications, by activity:

Mechanical and metal fabrication

Combined with pure Oxygen, its flame temperature can reach more than 3000°C (or 5400°F).

It can thus be used to weld various metals (steel, stainless steel, etc.), to heat, form or treat them. 

Acetylene is also used to cut steel.


Acetylene ALPHAGAZ 1 (99.6% pure) is used in Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS). 

Another of its applications is chemical synthesis.

Glass and metals

The acetylenic flame is used to lubricate production moulds (glass, aluminium, etc...).

Supply mode :

Air Liquide supplies Acetylene in cylinders of all sizes or in bundles according to your needs. 

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